FoamFit Tools

About FoamFit Tools

FoamFit Tools has been creating tool organizers since 2009. We are a small company with big capabilities.

The focus at FoamFit Tools is beyond tool storage. We build tool organizers for people who use and rely on their tools. It's not about getting the most tools in the box, but getting the most out of your tools.

We're happy to work with individuals and companies of all sizes. Our simple pricing policy features no minimum orders and no set-up charges.

We cut organizers from closed-cell polyethylene tool foam on precision CNC equipment. The foam is tear resistant, doesn't absorb liquids, and is resistant to most fuels and oils. The layers are thermally bonded for maximum durability. Each pocket is cut about 0.5 inch deep exposing the contrasting color of foam underneath.

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Features and Benefits

We believe the tools in your toolbox should be easy to find, easy to remove, and easy to put away.

With a FoamFit Tools organizer:

  • You don't have to waste time looking for your tools.
  • Tool-shaped spaces allow anyone to put tools back, even someone who didn't get them out.

FoamFit Tools can help jump start your 5s program with efficient and sustainable visual organizers for your tools.

Features & Benefits:

  • a place for every tool so you can find them easily
  • no extra places, so missing tools are obvious
  • tool-shaped cutouts provide visual cues when returning tools
  • durable, chemically-resistant closed-cell polyethylene tool foam
  • contrasting colors of thermally bonded foam to prevent tools from sliding under the organizer
  • padded protection for precision tools

We never seem to have two free hands to pry tools from a tool holder, so we design our foam tool organizers with just enough space to ensure easy removal. We include finger pockets for removing small tools.