FoamFit Tools

Options for Custom Tool Organizers

Use these options to create a unique tool organizer using our high-quality tool foam and precision CNC technology. Contact us for more information about the process or our current lead times.

FoamFit Tools creates a PDF drawing for each custom design. The design is CNC cut once you approve the drawing and submit payment. No upfront payment is required when requesting a custom design. Pricing for custom organizers is typically 50% above the cost of our standard designs.

  • Submit a CAD file.

    Use your computer aided design software to draw an organizer. FoamFit Tools will program your design and cut it from our durable polyethylene foam using specialized CNC equipment.

    Our CAD design document explains everything you need to know, including spacing requirements and appropriate file types.

  • Socket Organizer from Your Measurements.

    Have us create a socket organizer customized to fit your sockets. Simply measure each socket using a caliper and provide us with the information below:

    1. A photo of the sockets arranged in your drawer (required).
    2. A list of the sockets and the diameter measured with a caliper (two-place decimal inch preferred).
    3. Include the length of any long sockets that need to be tipped down to clear when the drawer closes. The foam raises each socket by .25 inch.
    4. Inside dimensions of the drawer.
    5. Foam color preferred.
    6. Also please include your name, email address, and zip code so we can estimate shipping charges.
  • Request Modifications to an Existing Design

    We can fabricate our standard designs on a larger piece of foam to accommodate different drawer sizes. We can also remove tools and make other simple changes. You can also suggest a new design.

  • Send in Your Tools

    We can occasionally organize entire tool sets for customers who would prefer to send their tools. Please contact us to see if we can fit your project into our schedule.

    We require digital photos showing how you'd like the tools arranged in the drawers. Once we agree to the project, our ship to address is:

    FoamFit Tools
    2941 Mayflower Rd
    Green Bay, WI 54311

  • Thank you!

custom tool organizer cut in polyethylene tool control foam

Helpful Hints

  • Allow Enough Space: Strive for a logical arrangement without crowding tools.

  • Think Durable: The foam remaining between cutouts should be about 1/2-inch thick for maximum durability.

  • A Loose Fit is Faster: A little clearance (.020 to .060 inch) around the tool will make it easy to remove.

  • Finger Pockets: Finger pockets take all the frustration out of removing small tools.

custom tool organizer cut in polyethylene tool control foam custom tool organizer cut in polyethylene tool control foam