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Foam Tool Organizers

Organize your tools in a cabinet drawer or toolbox using two-layer foam inserts CNC-cut to shadow your tools.

  • Don't waste time looking for your tools.
  • Tool-shaped spaces allow anyone to put tools back; even someone who didn't get them out.
  • A great way to 5s your toolbox.

How much difference does an organized toolbox make? Efficiency means reaching for a tool, knowing where it will be once the drawer is fully opened.

FoamFit Tools does things differently. We offer high-quality tool foam blanks for making your own organizers. We also have a selection of organizers designed for popular tool sets. These organizers can be customized if needed.

We provide drawings for free, so you can be confident before placing an order. We list our prices so you can make informed decisions without having to wait for a quote.

tool control with a foam socket organizer tool control with a foam screwdriver organizer tool control with a foam pliers organizer
tool control with a foam wrench organizer

New and Noteworthy

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Organizers for Craftsman Tools

Wrench Organizers

Benefits of a Foam Tool Organizer

  1. find tools faster
  2. put tools away faster
  3. tell what's missing at a glance
  4. anyone can put tools away in the correct place
  5. prevent tools from rolling and sliding when a drawer is closed
  6. protect expensive tools from damage
  7. show customers the pride you take in your work
  8. excel at 5s and lean
  9. save time - let us do the cutting
  10. save money with our competitive pricing
tool control with a foam tool organizer
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Our Tool Foam is Better

Organizer Types

  • wrench organizers
  • socket organizers
  • ratchet and extension organizers
  • screwdriver organizers
  • organizers for pliers


Closed-Cell Polyethylene Tool Foam

  • durable, dense, and tear resistant
  • resistant to oils and lubricants
  • won't absorb spilled liquids

Two Contrasting Colors Fused with a Thermal Bond

  • tools won't slide under the foam insert when a drawer is closed
  • missing tools are highly visible

Precision Cut Pockets

  • tools drop into place easily
  • remove tools with one hand
  • finger pockets help when grabbing small tools
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"Just got the wrench organizer. One word, AWESOME! Just what I wanted!"
- Donnie - Blue Springs, Missouri

"I have to say that I am quite pleased with your product. I can see a lot of time was spent on choosing the right materials and making the cutouts fit."
- Adam - Norfolk, Nebraska

"Thanks again for all your hard work and actually listening to what I wanted. FoamFit Tools ROCKS!"
- Derek - Springfield, Oregon

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