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Organizers for the Craftsman 309-Piece Mechanics Tool Set

Craftsman changed this set many years ago. The second version was produced two different times with gaps when it wasn't available.

Version 1 - Key Differences

This is the older version sold at Sears.

  • Model number: Craftsman 41309
  • Sockets have "U.S.A." stamped on them.
  • Ratchets have "U.S.A." stamped on them.

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Version 2 - Key Differences

This more recent version was originally sold at Sears, but was also sold at Lowes for a time.

  • Model numbers: Craftsman 41309 or CMMT82333.
  • No "U.S.A." markings on sockets.
  • No "U.S.A." markings on ratchets.

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