Foam Tool Organizer for
93 Craftsman Metric Sockets


93 Craftsman Metric Sockets

Fits (23) 1/4-drive sockets,
(49) 3/8-drive sockets,
and (21) 1/2-drive sockets.

Accommodates all metric sockets from the 309-piece Craftsman set 41309.

Drawer Size
22-1/4 X 10-5/8 inches


Foam Organizer for 93 Craftsman Metric Sockets

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Foam Organizer for 93 Craftsman Metric Sockets

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note: tools are not included

Tool List

Precision CNC-cut to fit 93 Craftsman sockets:

(12) 1/4-drive 6-point sizes from 4 to 14
(11) 1/4-drive 6-point deep sizes from 4 to 14
(17) 3/8-drive 6-point sizes from 6 to 22
(15) 3/8-drive 12-point sizes from 6 to 21
(11) 3/8-drive 12-point deep sizes from 9 to 19
(5) 3/8-drive hex bit sizes from 4 to 8
(1) 3/8-drive spark plug socket 18
(14) 1/2-drive 12-point sizes from 9 to 22
(7) 1/2-drive 12-point deep sizes from 13 to 19

Tool Notes

This tool organizer was designed to fit all metric sockets from the Craftsman 309-piece set 41309. The pockets are sized to fit sockets with "U.S.A." markings.


Drawing F1S-00621.pdf

Printing the drawing at 100% scale can be an easy way to check if your tools will fit. Our drawings have multiple pages which can be printed on letter-size paper. Always change the printer setting from "fit" to 100%. If the border prints slightly too small, it is often due to this setting.

Part of Collection

Organizers for Craftsman 309-pc Set, Version 2

Drawer Size

22-1/4 X 10-5/8 inches (inside width by inside depth)

Drawer Height

Works in most drawers, needing no more than 2 inches of vertical clearance.

Minimum Trimmable Size

It is possible to trim the margins to fit a smaller drawer. Trimmed tool organizers are not returnable. The minimum recommended size is:

21-3/4 X 10-3/8 inches

Contact customer service to order this organizer cut on a larger sheet or trimmed to a special size.

Features and Benefits

Standard Colors

black over red color combination blue over yellow color combination black over blue color combination

Special Colors

We make these colors in smaller batches, but they are often in stock. Contact customer service to order.

black over yellow color combination black over green color combination black over gray color combination

Additional Information

Each FoamFit insert is designed for shadowing a specific brand and set of tools. These organizers are made from high-quality tool foam with pockets precision-cut on our CNC routers.

The pockets are cut up to 1/2 inch deep in 3/4 inch thick tool foam, or up to 1 inch deep in 1-1/4 inch thick tool foam. Most inserts require less than 2 inches of height to fit in a 2-inch drawer (unless otherwise noted).

Our tool foam is two layers of closed-cell polyethylene foam. The contrasting top layer is thermally bonded to the bottom layer for maximum durability. The foam is resistant to most oils and fuels.

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