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12 Channellock and Klein Pliers
KIT #166

Foam Organizer for 10 Channellock Tools and 2 Klein Wire Strippers

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Kits include both the tools and foam organizer.

This organizer is also available without tools: F-04606-R

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Kit Description

12 Channellock and Klein Pliers Kit #166

This complete kit includes organizer insert F-04606-R, 10 Channellock tools, and 2 Klein wire strippers.

The tool organizer may be trimmed to fit a variety of drawer sizes. Please compare the minimum recommended size to your drawer size before ordering.

Detailed drawing: F-04606-R.pdf

Tool organizer made in USA. Pliers made in USA. Adjustable wrench non-USA.

1-Drawer Kit

Drawer Size
23-3/4 X 17-3/4 inches

$384.90 sale $336.20

Typically ships in about 1 week, but see current foam availability.

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Tools Included with Kit

This kit includes the following 12 Channellock and Klein tools:

9-1/2 crimping pliers (Channellock 909)
7-inch cutting (diagonal) pliers (Channellock 337)
7-1/8 wire stripper and cutter, 10-18 AWG solid (Klein 11055)
7-1/8 wire stripper and cutter, 20-30 AWG solid (Klein 11057)
8-inch retaining ring pliers (Channellock 927)
10-inch tin snips (Channellock 610TS)
8-inch adjustable wrench, 1-1/2 inch capacity (Channellock 8WCB)
6-inch long nose pliers (Channellock E326)
8-inch long nose pliers (Channellock E318)
6.5-inch slip joint pliers (Channellock 526)
6-1/2 tongue and groove pliers (Channellock 426)
9-1/2 tongue and groove pliers (Channellock 420)

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Drawer Requirements

The foam insert included with this kit measures 23-3/4 X 17-3/4 inches.

It is not possible to compress the foam because the tool pockets will also squeeze closed. The foam sheet can be trimmed with a sharp knife if necessary. Contact customer service if you'd like us to modify the sheet size to your measurements.

The minimum recommended size for trimming is 20-9/16 X 16 inches. This leaves a margin of approximately 1/4-inch. Trimmed organizers are not returnable.

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Designer Notes

"Our goal when designing this kit was to have a good selection of Channellock pliers, but avoid a few pliers that are hard to keep in stock. We also wanted to include wire strippers for smaller wire for someone who might need to change out a sensor on industrial equipment. The two Klein wire strippers in this kit cover a wide range of gauge sizes."

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How Kits are Packaged and Shipped

After test fitting each kit, we remove the tools and seal them in a heavy-duty bag for shipping. We include a drawing to help place each tool back in the foam.

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