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Craftsman 42-piece Screwdriver Set

foam shadow board for Craftsman screwdrivers by FoamFit Tools foam shadow board for Craftsman screwdrivers by FoamFit Tools

The Craftsman 42-pc screwdriver set has some duplicates making it a good option for a shared toolbox. It includes larger sizes so it needs more drawer space than other sets.

Browse all our tool organizers or see organizers for popular Craftsman sets.

Featured Tool Organizers

Husky 1025-piece Mechanic Set

foam shadow board for Husky sockets by FoamFit Tools foam shadow board for Husky wrenches by FoamFit Tools

We CNC-cut over 60 different layouts to help organize the Husky 1025-pc set. A large toolbox is needed to fit all these tools.

We also have options for the Husky 432-pc, 505-pc, 605-pc, 815-pc, and 922-pc mechanic tool sets.

Featured Tool Organizers

Tekton 212-piece Mechanic Set

foam shadow board for Tekton sockets by FoamFit Tools foam shadow board for Tekton sockets by FoamFit Tools

We CNC-cut organizers to fit the Tekton 212-pc set in a single large drawer or multiple smaller drawers. You will also find organizers with extra pockets to fit sockets not included in the 212-pc set like hex bit sockets, torx bit sockets, spark plug sockets, and more.

Colors Currently in Stock

See our updates page for colors and current lead times.

Benefits of a Foam Tool Organizer

  1. Bright, contrasting colors show what's missing at a glance.
  2. Improve your tool control, preventing tools from being lost or left in equipment.
  3. Tools are returned to the correct toolbox and drawer, and are also kept in order by size.
  4. Tool-shaped spaces allow anyone to quickly put tools away, even someone who didn't get them out.
  5. Prevent tools from rolling and sliding when a drawer is closed.
  6. Show customers the pride you take in your work.
  7. A great way to 5S your toolbox (sort, set in order, shine, standardize, sustain).

Don't waste time looking for your tools. Organize your toolbox using durable foam inserts, CNC-cut to shadow your tools.

tool control with a foam tool organizer


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Closed-Cell Polyethylene Tool Foam

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Precision Cut Pockets

"Just had to let you guys know that I think these socket trays are amazing! I have used all kinds of rails and trays and these are the best. Fit and finish is perfect."
- Terry - Fort Payne, Alabama

"Just got the wrench organizer. One word, AWESOME! Just what I wanted!"
- Donnie - Blue Springs, Missouri

"I have to say that I am quite pleased with your product. I can see a lot of time was spent on choosing the right materials and making the cutouts fit."
- Adam - Norfolk, Nebraska

"Thanks again for all your hard work and actually listening to what I wanted. FoamFit Tools ROCKS!"
- Derek - Springfield, Oregon