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Organizers for the Craftsman 298-Piece Mechanics Tool Set

Version 2 - Key Differences

  • Same model number and contents as version 1.
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan
  • Spinner handle and magnetic handle are the newer black and red style with white lettering.
  • Ratchet head is assembled with screws (no retaining ring).

The tool organizers below fit tools from version 2 of the 298-pc mechanics tool set. Please contact us if you have questions about the different versions of this set. Organizers for version 1 are also available.

  common Craftsman drawer sizes
all tools in set CMMT12039 number of pieces 22-1/4 X
22-1/4 X
1/4-drive sockets 50 F-03419-T
requires 3-5/8 inches height
$70.90organizer F-03419-T1 for Craftsman 298-pc set sockets
requires 3-5/8 inches height
$63.50organizer F-04535-T1 for Craftsman 298-pc set sockets
3/8-drive sockets 81
1/2-drive sockets 35
ratchets & drive tools 15 F-03420-R
$53.40organizer F-03420-R1 for Craftsman 298-pc set ratchets and drive tools
$49.80organizer F-04536-R1 for Craftsman 298-pc set ratchets and drive tools
hex keys 44
magnetic handle & bits 50
inch ratcheting wrenches 12 F-03421-R
$53.40organizer F-03421-R1 for Craftsman 298-pc set ratcheting wrenches
metric ratcheting wrenches 11  
total 298 pieces Toolbox drawer sizes vary. Please measure your box before ordering.

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