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15 Foam Tool Organizers to Fit
Husky 922-pc Set in 56-inch Toolbox #1

Toolbox model HOTC5623BB2S

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Fits Husky Set H922MTSPO into toolbox model HOTC5623BB2S

Uses 15 drawers. Lid compartment and 8 drawers are not used.

Please measure your toolbox to confirm the drawer sizes before ordering.

Organizers are also sold individually.

Exploded View Diagram (pdf)

Set of 15 Drawer Inserts


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Suggested Drawer Arrangement

drawer layout for Husky 56-inch toolbox drawer1 drawer2 drawer3 drawer6 drawer10 drawer11 drawer12 drawer14 drawer15 drawer16 drawer18 drawer19 drawer20 drawer21 drawer22
Husky 56-inch, 23-drawer toolbox Husky 922-pc
Mechanic Tool Set
(model H922MTSPO)
Organizer Number Photo
toolbox model
Drawer 1 9-1/2 X 19-3/4 X 3 inch crow foot wrenches F-03166-R picture with tools
Drawer 2 9-1/2 X 19-3/4 X 3 metric crow foot wrenches F-03165-R picture with tools
Drawer 3 9-1/2 X 19-3/4 X 3 hex keys F-03177-R picture with tools
Drawer 4 27-7/16 X 19-3/4 X 2   empty  
Drawer 5 27-7/16 X 19-3/4 X 2   empty  
Drawer 6 27-7/16 X 19-3/4 X 2 screwdrivers F-03176-R picture with tools
Drawer 7 27-7/16 X 19-3/4 X 3   empty  
Drawer 8 9-1/2 X 19-3/4 X 2   empty  
Drawer 9 9-1/2 X 19-3/4 X 2   empty  
Drawer 10 9-1/2 X 19-3/4 X 2 flare-nut wrenches F-03164-R picture with tools
Drawer 11 9-1/2 X 19-3/4 X 3 torx drivers F-03200-R picture with tools
Drawer 12 51-7/16 X 19-3/4 X 4 sockets F-03174-T picture with tools
Drawer 13 15 X 19-3/4 X 3   empty  
Drawer 14 15 X 19-3/4 X 3 inch reversible ratcheting wrenches F-03168-R picture with tools
Drawer 15 15 X 19-3/4 X 3 box wrenches F-03163-R picture with tools
Drawer 16 15 X 19-3/4 X 3 metric reversible ratcheting wrenches F-03167-R picture with tools
Drawer 17 15 X 19-3/4 X 12   empty  
Drawer 18 33-15/16 X 19-3/4 X 3 drive tools & extensions F-03175-R picture with tools
Drawer 19 33-15/16 X 19-3/4 X 3 inch non-reversible ratcheting wrenches F-03171-R picture with tools
Drawer 20 33-15/16 X 19-3/4 X 3 inch combination wrenches F-03170-R picture with tools
Drawer 21 33-15/16 X 19-3/4 X 3 metric non-reversible ratcheting wrenches F-03173-R picture with tools
Drawer 22 33-15/16 X 19-3/4 X 3 metric combination wrenches F-03172-R picture with tools
Drawer 23 33-15/16 X 19-3/4 X 9   empty  


This configuration uses 15 drawers to fit all the tools, leaving 8 drawers and the top compartment empty.

The wrenches are placed flat in the foam, making it easier to read their sizes.

The sockets fill the full-width drawer along with a few drive tools. The other ratchets and drive accessories are one drawer below the sockets.

Two drawers of inch ratcheting wrenches are placed side-by-side, with the inch combination wrenches one drawer below. A similar arrangement is used for the metric wrenches.

Drawer dimensions can vary. Please measure your toolbox before ordering.

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