Organizers for Large Tool Sets

Save time and money by implementing tool control to prevent misplaced tools. The popular sets below typically fill several drawers. Each set has a page showing the organizers needed to shadow every tool.

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Organizers for Tekton Socket and Ratchet Sets

Tekton 56-pc set
(model SKT05303)

Tekton 73-pc set
(model SKT15311)

Tekton 83-pc set
(model SKT25302)

Tekton 212-pc set
(model SKT95304)

Tekton Toolbox with FoamFit Tools Socket Organizer

Organizers for Husky Mechanic Tool Sets

Husky 432-piece set
(model H432MTS or H432MTSPO)

Husky 505-piece set
(model H505MTSPO)

Husky 605-piece set
(model H605MTS or H605MTSPO)

Husky 815-piece set
(model H815MTS or H815MTSPO)

Husky 872-piece set
(model H872MTSPO)
Please contact customer service.

Husky 922-piece set
(model H922MTSPO)

Husky 1025-piece set
(model H1025MTS or H1025MTSPO)

Husky 52-inch Toolbox with Organizers by FoamFit Tools

Organizers for Craftsman Mechanic Tool Sets

These newer sets are made by Stanley Black & Decker and sold at Lowes, Ace Hardware, etc.

Craftsman 81-piece gunmetal chrome set
(model CMMT82335)

Craftsman 121-piece gunmetal chrome set
(model CMMT12033)

Craftsman 150-piece gunmetal chrome set
(model CMMT12035)

Craftsman 243-piece set
(model CMMT98077)

Craftsman 282-piece gunmetal chrome set
(model CMMT45282)

Craftsman 298-piece set (2 versions)
(model CMMT12039)

Craftsman 308-piece set
(model CMMT45938)

Craftsman 309-piece set (now discontinued)
(model CMMT82333)

Craftsman 543-piece set
(model CMMT72000)

Red Craftsman Top Chest with Organizers by FoamFit Tools

Organizers for Other Craftsman Sets

Craftsman 299-piece socket set
(Lowes and Ace version)
(model CMMT45310)

Craftsman 299-piece socket set
(Sears version)
(model 35299)

Craftsman 25-piece screwdriver set
(model CMHT65046)

Craftsman 42-piece screwdriver set
(model CMHT65300)

Craftsman Rolling Tool Cabinet with Socket Organizer by FoamFit Tools

Organizers for Legacy Craftsman Mechanic Tool Sets

These older sets were made by Sears before the bankruptcy. Sears continues to sell tools online, but we don't make organizers to fit current Sears sets except for the 299-pc socket set.

Craftsman Industrial 255-piece set
(model 29794)

Craftsman 302-piece set
(model 48302)

Craftsman 309-piece set (2 versions)
(model 41309 or CMMT82333)

Craftsman 311-piece set
(models 32311, 35311, or 53311)

Craftsman 334-piece set
(models 35334 or 47334)

Craftsman 348-piece set
(model 49348 or 46464)

Craftsman 413-piece set (2 versions)
(model 33413)

Craftsman 444-piece set
(models 22933, 34444, 4626, or 22933)

Craftsman 500-piece set
(models 2297 or 34500)

Craftsman 540-piece set (3 versions)
(models 35540, 36540, or 49540)

Craftsman 903-piece set
(model 21470)

Three tool organizer inserts in a blue Craftsman top chest